Zoom for Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk - Zoom Integration

Key Points

  1. Quick sharing
    1. Generate Zoom meeting URL in the ticket details page and send it to the customer
  2. Easy-sharing
    1. Use audio, video, and screen sharing features to get a better understanding of customer's issue
  3. Multi-hosting
    1. Multiple agents in an organization can host concurrent zoom meetings
  4. Remote control
    1. Request remote control of customer's screen

Step 1

Setting Up

1. Install the plugin from Zoho Desk Marketplace listings
2. Select Profiles & Department to which you need to install
3. Agree Terms and conditions
4. Click Install

Step 2

Authorize Zoho Desk Service

  1.  Click Authorize button and authorize Zoho Desk service.

Step 3

Authorize Zoom Service

1. Click Authorize button again to authorize Zoom service

Step 4

Create meeting from Ticket Detail View

  1. Open any Ticket in Zoho Desk.
  2. Click on Marketplace icon present in the right corner
  3. Click on Zoho Desk - Zoom Integration
  4. Click on Generate URL

Step 5

Create Meeting from Bottom band

  1. Find Zoom Icon present in Bottom Band
  2. Click on Zoom Icon
  3. Enter the topic name of the meeting
  4. Click on Generate URL

All set go , Explore Zoom integration and contact us For any support help@oapps.xyz

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