Bulk Text Marketing

Twilio Bulk SMS Multiple Number Support

Key Points

  1. Multi-recipient support:
    1. Send bulk SMS messages to multiple customer at once.
  2. Multi-numbers support:
    1. Supports multiple Twilio numbers, allowing user to associate numbers with different departments.
  3. Intelligent Processor:
    1. AI in creating Tickets or Threadss
  4. SMS and MMS messaging:
    1. You can edit text on your website by double clicking on a text box on your website.

Step 1

Setting Up

1. Choose Department where the SMS to be converted as Ticket
2. Choose channel name as SMS or choose your own name
3. Choose the Profile to access
4. Agree Terms and conditions
5. Click Install

Step 2

Setup SMS Configuration

1. Authorize both Zoho Desk and Twilio.
2. Give Friendly Name for our support.
3. Select phone number and choose department accordingly to create tickets in that department.
4. Repeat selecting phone numbers and choose departments to all of your twilio numbers needed.

Step 3

Sending Bulk SMS

1. Choose from number from the list
2. Select contacts from the left tab to send bulk sms
3. Draft your message.
4. Click Send Now and the message will be sent to all selected contacts.

Step 4

Outbound SMS

1. Click OAppS icon () (Zoho Desk - Twilio) on the right side of Zoho Desk bottom band.
2. In the pop-up window, select the From and To numbers.
3. Draft and Send the outbound SMS message to customers handily.

Step 5

Reply Editor

1. Reply can be sent through the editor window in the right panel of the ticket detail view page.

All set go , Explore Twilio Bulk SMS Multiple Number Support- Zoho Desk Integration and contact us For any support help@oapps.xyz

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