Phone Verifier for Zoho CRM

Phone Verifier for Zoho CRM

Key Points

  1. Validate the  number :
    1. Validate the Phone number on one click.
  2. Intuitive UI:
    1. Intuitive UI representation
  3. Valid Format:
    1. Phone number validation for correct format number.
  4. Extra Info:
    1. Defines and sets the Country field by phone number.

Step 1

Setting Up

1. Install the plugin from Zoho CRM Marketplace listings
2. Authorize ZohoCRM Service.

Step 2

Phone Verifier Button

1. Click on the Phone Verifier Button, to know the Phone number authenticity.

Step 3

Authenticity Report

1. This extension automatically verifies the authenticity of phone numbers.
2. The extension works with the standard Zoho CRM modules.
3. An easy one click Phone Verifier.

Step 4

Leads / Accounts /Deals / Contacts module

1. Send SMS -Phone Verifier - OAppS button will be actionable in List View Page/Detail View Page and Record View Page in all Leads/Accounts/Deals/Contacts module

All set go , Explore Phone Verifier- Zoho CRM Integration and contact us For any support

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