Active Campaign for Zendesk

Active Campaign for Zendesk

Key Points

  1. Easy-access:
    1. Access Active Campaign Contacts, Organisations.
  2. Increase opportunities:
    1. Create a New opportunity from a tickets
  3. Grow your contacts:
    1. Create a New contact from a ticket.
  4. Auto-mapping:
    1. Default contact mapping.

Step 1

Setting Up

1. Click Install

Step 2

Authorize Zendesk Service

1. API key :  A support agent can get the API key from the Active Campaign portal.
    - Click your profile from the top right drop down menu.
    - Select “User settings”
    - Go to API Key.
    - Copy the API key
2. Paste it into the Active Campaign app and it is good to go.

Step 3

Access Active Campaign contacts

1. Access Active Campaign contacts, organisations in Zendesk ticket view.

Step 4

Add Contact Button

1. Click Add Data button a new contact form, from a Zendesk ticket view.

Step 5

Add Contact

1. Create a new contact from a Zendesk ticket view.
2. If have data, auto added to contact form.
3. Click submit button, to save Active Campaign people.

All set go , Explore ActiveCampaign- Zendesk Integration and contact us For any support

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